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Ramadan Mubarak 2015 SMS,Wishes,Quotes and Greetings

Ramadan or Ramzan Mubarak is a holy month of Muslims.Its is celeberated widely and below we had shared some Ramadan Mubarak 2015 Sms,Wishes,Quotes and Greetings.

Ramadan Mubarak 2015 is on the way and all are waiting for this wonderfull month to progress  as all the Muslims people wants to enjoy on this huge holy Month of Ramadan or Ramzan. Ramadan Mubarak  is an religious event and is celeberated on a large scale by all the country lovers.Here in this post we are sharing the best and truly latest Ramadan Mubarak 2015 or Ramzan Mubarak 2015 Sms,Wishes Quotes and many more things related to Ramazan ,  So that you guys can share these wonderfull collection of Ramadan Mubarak 2015 with your friends and enjoy the holy day of your country.Below we had shared the huge collection on Ramzan Mubarak 2015.

Ramadan Mubarak 2015 SMS,Wishes,Quotes and Greetings

I wish that Allah gives you strength and patience throughout the month of Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan month gives us chance to feel the hunger and feel how a poor person would be feeling when he is hungry, May Allah bless everyone with their needs.

It gives us immense happiness, when we attend the Torawih prayers at night, May Allah give us wisdom and positive attitude to implement Quran in our lives. Happy Ramadan Kareem.

Quran teaches us that we have to remain pure before the throne of Allah and Ramadan prepares our hearts and mind that we may be united with Allah.

He key for success and happiness is the the holy book Quran, May we get the blessing and guidance, when we read the complete Quran during the month of Ramadan

May this month of Ramadan be a month of abundance for you, May this month of Ramadan be a month of celebration for you, And may this month, Allah always keeps his guiding hand on you and your family.

So these above were some latest and wonderfull collection on Ramadan Mubarak 2015 SMS,Wishes,Quotes and Greetings and Ramzan Mubarak 2015 SMS.You can also share these with your friends through emails or also can share them on social media sites like Facebook,Twitter or Goolgle+ and many more.Also we will share some more stuff onRamazan 2015 as it has started so stay updated with us with latest collections of all things on 2015 Ramazan 2015.

Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan | Best Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan is the latest collection which we had shared below.This post is dedicated on Wishes for Ramadan so enjoy the wonderfull collection on Ramadan Tarweeh Wishes.

Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan :-Ramadan 2015 is now started  and it is always celeberated on huge scale every year.Ramadan is a holy month.Here in this article we are sharing with you some great and absolutely latest Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan or Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers .The best thing about this Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan is that this is truly latest and fresh so you won’t get this collection anywhere so start sharing and collecting this Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan so that you can use them on Ramadan with your friends and to all your country lovers.

Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan

Allah said, don’t look around, else you will be fascinated,
Don’t look down; else you will be unhappy,But look upon me all the time and you will be blessed,Happy Ramadan.

Quran gives us guidance to lead our path, key to happy life. Quran was gifted us during
the month of Ramadan, May this Ramadan brings
happiness and peace to you and your family, Happy Ramadan.

It was the Ramadan month,
Quran was sent to us as a guide to humankind 
with clear signs of living life and wisdom to decide
between right and wrong.  Happy Ramadan.

Holy month of Ramadan has started,
we fast from down to dusk, and pray
throughout the month, and receive blessings from Allah throughout the year, Ramadan Mubarak.

I pray to Allah that happiness knocks
your door early and leave behind the gift of love,
peace, joy, enjoyment behind, Ramadan Mubarak.

Above we had shared some spiritual and country loved Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan which shows how much we all love our reliagion.We all love our religion but never speak up in front of others but this is a great time to show your love towards your religion by spreading these Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan and Sayings or Happy TaraweehPrayers in Ramadan.You can also upload these as your profile pictures on your social media profiles too.

Ramadan Mubarak Facebook n Whatsapp Update in Arabic Language

Here we keep adding facebook and Whatsapp Ramadan wishes to update your status during Ramadan
we have collected a good range of spiritual and Ramadan facebook status, Make your wall beautiful with Ramadan text, Pics, videos and voice updates telling the importance of this month.

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Best Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2015

Free Ramadan Kareem 2015 SMS Wishes to send your family members and friends – beautiful Ramadan Blessings collection with Quran quotes and short stories of Ramadan

To purify impure souls Islam asks Muslims to take fast during Ramadan, they sacrifice with basic needs to show their love to Allah and ask for forgiveness for the sins. This month is the purest month for Muslims. During Ramadan family gathering held for Ramadan Kareem and to make it super special you obviously need creatively written best Ramadan Kareem wishes 2015.

What is Ramadan Kareem?

The generous blessings of Ramadan are known as Ramadan Kareem in Islamic language, to wish a happy Ramadan Muslims wish Ramadan Kareem. We are sharing free SMS online related to Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2014. We have shared a big collection of Ramadan Kareem wishes 2014 with greetings and Ramadan picture quotes to make your day super special. You can share these Ramadan Kareem wishes through free SMS, Text, Facebook Scraps and Ramadan Status Updates as well as on whatapp and at various social networking sites all through copy pasting them.

This blog contains a hundreds of Ramadan Kareem celebration related content- you can browse this blog to find more.

Ramadan Kareem Wishes 2015

Below we have stated the top Ramadan Kareem wishes 2015, you can copy paste any of them you like-

I wish Allah gift you the most brightening Ramadan
I wish to Allah to fill your life with health, wealth and joy.

May the festival of light bless everyone you love
and everyone you live with.

I wish to Allah to give you everything you have been struggling for,
May he gift you the success, the love and the happiness you always wished for.

The utmost peace and prosperity harbinger your life on this Ramadan.

May peace transcend the universe and light triumph the devil and darken.

May the sacrifices of Muslims illuminate the world.

Wish you a very happy Ramadan Kareem


Today I wish to Allah
To bring happiness to your doorstep
May it enter early,
Stay forever and gift your whole family
Love, Joy, Prosperity, Peace & Success

Ramadan Kareem :) Savan Mubarak :) eid Mubarak


May Allah make this Ramadan the harbinger of Joy and Happiness
The first rain is the sign of his kareem on us….
Everything is surrounded by the spirit of love and mirth.
I hope this holy fest bring the success, love and happiness in your life this year.

Happy Ramadan 2014


Ramadan Kareem One Liner Wishes:

  1. May Allah accept all your Prayers on this Ramadan 2015.
  2. Wishing you with the shower of joy, blessings and purity in the holy month of Ramadan 2015

For More Ramadan Kareem One Liners Click Here

Ramadan Kareem Picture Wishes 2015

Ramadan Quotes 2015- Donwload Latest Ramadan Quotes

Ramadan Or Ramzan is a one month auspicious festival which is celebrated widely all over the glob by the Muslim's community people.During this spiritual festival all the Muslims do fast and prayers and do everything which make Allah feels good so that he can bless those wonderful children blessing and success in their life.This collection is so flexible so it can be fixed anywhere and you can share this collection to your friends and wish them Ramadan Mubarak Quotes and enjoy this auspicious event with your near ones.

Ramadan Quotes 2015 | Download Ramadan Quotes

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah's
Peace,love,joy & good health behind
shaban mubarak,eid mubarak,
ramadan mubarak.
Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

As the candle light flame,
Ur life may always be happiness claim;
As the mountain high,
U move without sigh;
like the white linen flair,
Purity is always an affair;
As sunshine creates morning glory,
fragrance fills years as flory;
with the immaculate eternal smile,
attached to u mile after mile;
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way.

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

The month of Ramadan is the world's most widespread fast and yet its teachings are minimised, neglected and even betrayed (through literal application of rules that overlooks their ultimate objective).
Tariq Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

So here above we had shared till now the best Happy Ramadan Quotes or Ramadan Mubarak Quotes which you can shre anywhere where you like.Also you can use these on Whatsapp and send to all your contacts easilyand wish them a Happy Ramadan with our Happy Ramadan Quotes collection.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings-Happy Ramadan Greetings Download

Ramadan Greetings Or Ramadan Mubarak Greetings Can be widely Used for wishing your Friends,Family member or your colleagues a Happy Ramadan Festival so start saving the collection.

Ramadan is a holy festival which is celebrated widely all over the world by Muslims and specially In Muslims country like Pakistan,Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and many more.During this Ramadan month all Muslims do fast and prayers to get the blessings of Allah.Ramadan fasting rules are very tough to maintain as you have to avoid all bad habits like smocking or drinking and even food too.You are only allowed to eat once in a day.Ramadan is the best way get the blessing and connect your soul with God.Here in this post we will be sharing you some Ramadan Mubarak Greetings which you can use to wish your friends Happy Ramadan 2014.The best thing about this Ramadan Mubarak Greetings is that this is absolutely new so you can use them anywhere.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings Download

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings 
Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings
 Ramadan Period is of one month and all the purity of this festival is inside the people who adapt the rules and their dedication make this festival very interesting.People wishes their family and friends for a great and Ramadan Mubarak via many styles like sending them gifts or sending them Greetings and Wishes.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan is an auspicious month of God to remember and begins with mercy and happiness.During this month the enthusiasm remains same and constant.People wish other people an Happy Ramadan or Ramadan Mubarak with these Ramadan Mubarak Greetings.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

A best and truly latest Ramadan Greetings which can help you in wishing and celebrating the month of Allah Ramadan with your Family and Friends.You can tag them on social sites by wishing them Ramadan Mubarak 2015.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

So these above were some latest and new collection of Happy Ramadan Greetings or Ramadan Mubarak Greetings which you can use anywhere to wish your near ones a Happy Ramadan.Also you can make the display picture of these Greetings on Social Networking sites and can wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak with this Ramadan Mubarak Greetings.


Benefits of Ramadan and Why to Fast- Muslim Fest Event Calender 2015-16

Why do we celebrate Ramadan? What The holy book of Islam "Quran" says bout Ramadan and its Benefits for Muslims- Some Facts behind Celebrating the Generous Ramadan in 2015 (Ramadan Kareem)

Ramadan is a Muslim’s Fest that is celebrated every year in the 9th month according to the Islamic calendar, in this month the entire Muslim community as part of religious culture takes fast in the daylight for the whole month, basically they don’t eat, drink and  avoid almost all primary physical needs during the natural light.

It is said in The Holy Book of Muslims- “Quran Sharif” the one who takes fast during the Ramadan gets purified his soul, gets God’s attention so sacrificing basic needs during Ramadan makes a broader sense for people who follow Muslim religion.

The word “Ramadan” is originated from Arabic dictionary word “SUN-BAKED GROUND” and “PARCHED THIRST.” That stands for a month of sacrificing basic needs like food, drink and other primary necessities of life for Generous Ramadan; it is the fourth of five pillars of Islamic Religion.

There are hundreds of benefits that “Ramadan Fasting” gives according to Muslim religion; some of them are highlighted below

Ramadan 2015 Start Date to Finish Date

Ramadan Calender

Top Benefits of Fasting During Ramadan for Muslims

  • Islam says the one who fast this day sacrifices for those who have no or little food to eat.
  • The devotion for Allah by fasting make Muslim’s closer to their GOD as all the devotion and sacrifices make them believe that everything we have is the gift of Allah and he owe us.
  • This non-monetary charity (fasting that entirely saves food for needy) during Ramadan make people generous and shows the humanity that exist.
  • It also play a role in improving Good-will in society.
  • The self-control make Muslims practice good things.
  • The Ramadan month also add health benefits as the change in diet help in reducing fat also many other bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.
  • Ramadan also helps in building strong relationships as during Ramadan they performs community gathering in entire world.

Ramadan is to teach us many thing but the problem is with the human behavior as we follow ethics and values during this month like a devotee but forgot the lessons for the entire year, the real Muslim should respect his sacrifice and everything we learn and experience during Ramadan should stay within our values for the entire life, it should be shared with people who are on wrong path to tell them the reason of living a good life.

Quran 2:183 asks Muslim’s to take fasts for “self-restraining”. But the true Muslim live his entire life with the same self-restraint and devotion to make this world beautiful and get a place for him in “Jannat”

I wish on this Ramadan 2014, may Allah accept our sacrifice and give us chance to get rid of SINS, under his guidance we come on right path from wrong. May he bless us for the entire year, he forgive us for our sins.